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Cold Brewed Coffee vs. Iced Coffee

Everyone has something that can keep them on their toes for the day. Some people would eat breakfast, do exercises in the morning or go for a run, and others would drink coffee to start their day. If you are reading this article, then you must be one of those people who loves drinking coffee.

There are so many kinds of coffee out there, and sure it can be confusing with so many choices. Nowadays, there has been some popularity with drinking iced coffee. Let us differentiate and talk about the methods of these 2 kinds of cold coffees: Cold Brew Coffee and Iced Coffee.

What is Cold Brew?

Cold brew is coffee that is brewed with room temperature or cold water, and the brewing could take up to 2 to 24 hours to make a batch. This is what makes this coffee special and has a hefty price in any cafe. The end product is a strong concentrate that is usually mixed with water when making a cup of cold brew coffee.

The taste is sweeter, less bitter, and less acidic as compared to your normal coffee. The cold water in cold brewing also preserves the full-bodied flavor, smoother taste, and scent that you would want in your coffee.

You can use any roast type when cold brewing as it all boils down to our personal preferences. Yet, it has also been said that dark roast coffee is best suited for cold brewing as cold brewing can bring out the rich flavors of the coffee and could bring out floral notes in the coffee.

What is Iced Coffee?

Iced coffee is coffee that is made the traditional way and quicker as compared to cold brewing. It is brewed with hot water and can be chilled for a few hours or poured down over a glass with ice. 

The taste is also milder, acidic, and more bitter than cold brew coffees. The hot water during brewing extracts the bitterness and acidity from the coffee beans. It has also been said that the longer the hot brewed coffee sits, the more its flavors break down. Therefore, it is better to drink the coffee as soon as it has been brewed for a more robust flavor.

It is also recommended to use medium to dark roast coffee beans when brewing for iced coffee as it produces a richer flavor and less acidic taste when iced.

Cold Brewed Coffee vs. Iced Coffee

There are so many things to love between cold brew and iced coffee. It all depends on the taste and whether you have the patience to wait for a few hours to drink your coffee, or if you are on the go and need a quick fix.

If you have the patience and prefer a smoother tasting coffee, then go for the cold-brewed coffee which you can make overnight. If you are in a hurry and do not mind the acidic taste, then iced coffee would be better for you.

Both coffees are great options as a refreshing drink on a hot day, or to start your day with some caffeine kick.
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