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Coffee Roast Types

Coffee is one of the most beloved and consumed beverages around the world. About 400 million cups of coffee are consumed each day in the United States alone. Coffee roasting is both an art and science performed by industry professionals daily to ensure consumers are satisfied with a delicious, freshly brewed cup of joe. There are three standard roast levels: light, medium, and dark. Each of these roasts possesses its unique flavor, aroma, body, and acidic content.

Boneyard Coffee Company offers various blends and roast levels to ensure all their customers can find their personal preference and start their day with a boost of energy. This guide will provide some insight into each roast type and recommend some of Barnyard's favorite blends. 

Light Roast Coffee

This roast type has a lighter brown hue, sweet flavor, and pungent aroma. Though this roast has a much milder flavor, it is still packed with caffeine and health benefits. Coffee is a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. The drink has exceptionally high Vitamin B-3 and chlorogenic acid contents, which may lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Coffee also has been known to possess metabolism-boosting properties, which is ideal for just about any diet. Surprisingly, light roast coffee has a significantly higher concentration than other varieties despite its less potent flavor.

Light roast coffee is perfect for those who dislike the beverage’s bitter flavor but still want to enjoy all of the fantastic benefits this beverage has to offer. Check out some of Boneyard Coffee's delicious and flavorful lightly roasted coffee, such as our Tanzania and Ethiopia Natural blends. Both of these blends boast dreamy, herbal, and fruity aromas that make for a delightful addition to your morning cup.

Medium Roast Coffee

These coffee beans have grown in popularity over the years, especially in the United States. It has even received the nickname the "American Roast." It has a more potent and bitter taste than lighter roasts. It also contains a bit less caffeine though it is still ideal for getting your morning caffeine fix. Medium roast coffee is a great start for those beginning their roasting journey as it has a balanced flavor and body. This roast is also an excellent base for iced or specialty drinks due to its smooth taste and acidic content.

Boneyard Coffee Company has many medium roast coffee beans available, such as our vibrant Nicaragua blend with sweet, fruity, and citrusy notes. Our new scrumptious Mocha blend is also a medium roast featuring rich chocolate and hazelnut flavors.

Dark Roast Coffee

Dark roasted coffee beans have a bright, deep dark brown color that packs a bitter, intense flavor when brewed. These coffee beans have a lower chlorogenic acid content than light and medium roasts but are still a great source of the beverage's health benefits.

Boneyard Coffee Company offers some delectable dark roasts, such as our Decaffitated and Bali Blue Moon blends. Dark roasts are not for everyone due to their bitter flavors. Some of our medium roasts are blended with this type, such as our smoky yet sweet Morning Glory blend. This is an excellent option for anyone looking to try dark roasts but who wants to avoid any overpowering bitterness.

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