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Aeropress vs. Chemex

Coffee equipment and tools have been on the rise more than ever as people are spending significantly more time at home due to the covid-19 pandemic. Many coffee-lovers have been scrambling to learn about industry secrets to satisfy their cravings. With the help of brewing devices, such as the Aeropress and Chemex, you will be serving up coffee just like a barista in no time. Both manual tools are known to produce top-notch coffee, but which one is better?  We will compare each based on its convenience, design, and taste to determine what device boasts the better brew.

What is an Aeropress?

The Aeropress is a straightforward tool to use, which is ideal for brewing beginners. Although made of plastic, the device is perfectly safe to use for both hot and cold beverages. It has a simple cylinder design that fits over just about any size mug. The tool has four main parts: a chamber, plunger, filter cap, and seal. Attach the filter cap to the chamber and place it on top of a mug. Then, pour in hot water to stir for about ten seconds. Finally, insert the plunger and press gently to reach your desired effect. Its result will be a strong flavor that is comparable to espresso. The best part about the Aeropress is that it is small enough to easily fit inside of your handbag or backpack to take on the go.

What is a Chemex?

The Chemex is slightly more complex in terms of use and design. Initially invented in 1941, this tool has maintained its popularity for a reason. Its hourglass shape is remarkably beautiful and will not be an eyesore on your countertop. To use the device, place a cone-shaped filter at the top and fill it with your favorite coffee grounds. Then, pour in a small amount of hot water and allow the roast to bloom. Once bloomed, continue to add water to the ground until they are evenly soaked. Your result will be a bright, clean tasting cup of coffee with light acidic content. The Chemex provides a unique but time-consuming experience, which is a downside for anyone trying to make it through the morning rush.

Aeropress vs. Chemex

So, what is the verdict? Both devices offer a plethora of positive benefits and tasty coffee. Although, the Aeropress has our vote. The tool is incredibly easy to work with whether you are a beginner or an industry expert. Its portable design is also great for travelers who want to enjoy quality coffee from anywhere. The Chemex does provide an all-around cleaner cup but requires a lot more time and effort to prepare. Feel free to check out both tools to make the final decision for yourself!

Regardless of which device you use to brew your favorite beverage, Boneyard Coffee Company has you covered in terms of ground coffee. We offer a myriad of flavors and roast types to cater to all our customer’s needs. For a nice burst of energy in the morning, check out our vibrant breakfast blend Knuckle Tap.

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