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5 Helpful Tips to Make Cold Brew at Home

Nothing beats sipping on a nice, refreshing cup of cold brew coffee on a hot day. This type of coffee is sweeter, smoother, and less acidic in taste than traditional varieties. With summer just around the corner, this cool beverage is in high demand. Skip the lines at Starbucks and make some delicious cold brew concentrate from the comfort of your kitchen. Keep reading to learn some valuable tips and tricks to make the process a whole lot easier. 

Tip #1: Find the right technique.

There are quite a few methods that can be employed to make this delightful beverage. For starters, cold brew can be made using a mason jar or lidded container. Steep overnight and filter once complete. A French Press or AeroPress are also fantastic tools to use to make cold brew easily. Just add cold water and allow the roast to rest for approximately sixteen hours.

Tip #2: Allow plenty of time to steep.

It is imperative to steep your coffee overnight or for a minimum of twelve hours to attain a balanced flavor. The roast can be tossed in the refrigerator or left at room temperature. For best results, steep anywhere between sixteen to twenty-four hours.

Tip #3: Choose the proper roast.

While roast options are entirely up to personal preference, it is essential to note that not all types work well with cold brew. This beverage is often infused with various liquids (water, creamer, milk, ice cubes, etc.), which can lessen the overall flavor quality if too overpowering. Medium roast coffee beans are preferred for this technique since they provide a balanced cup. Lighter roasts also ensure a higher caffeine content.

Boneyard Coffee Company offers a variety of scrumptious, expertly roasted coffee beans. Some of our most popular medium roast blends include:

  • Bali Blue Moon – This tasty blend with rich chocolate flavors derives from the volcanic region of Mount Agung.
  • French Vanilla – It has a creamy, well-rounded flavor.
  • Whiskey Barrel – Our newest blend boasts a unique combination of sweet and oak flavors carefully aged to perfection in bourbon barrels.

Tip #4: Discover the perfect ratio.

Finding the correct ratio is essential for a well-balanced cup of joe. The typical rule of thumb for the proportion of coffee to water is 1:5. For a milder flavor, add a few extra cups to the batch. Feel free to try out different scales to see which method produces your favorite results.

Tip #5: Only use top-quality water.

Be sure to use clean water when preparing cold brew coffee as it makes up about 99% of the beverage. If you do not have access to quality tap water, try to incorporate bottled or filtered water.

Once prepared, the concentrate will last in the refrigerator for up to ten days. Simply pour over ice and dilute with water or desired creamer. There is so much to love about this delicious beverage! It is also super versatile and even featured in various coffee-infused cocktails, such as espresso martinis and iced Irish coffees. Use these tips to craft some incredible cold brew at home to start your morning with a cooling burst of energy.
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